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AKIBA BIC map now boasts a sales floor over 10,000 m2 with a wide range of products,including latest electronics, anime, games, idol goods, and other subculture products in addition to souvenir sweets popular at intentional airports such as Haneda and Narita!

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The store has an outstanding location accessible from a main Tokyo train station!
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Electronics, watches, medicine, toys, liquor, and more

Bic Camera provides a product line-up of everything you need in one place from electronics and cameras to medicine, watches, toys, liquor, and sporting goods. We also handle many popular Japanese products.

Subculture and Used Mobile Phones

Although we are focused on used iPhones, we also have iPads, smartphones and more, as well as everything from game consoles, software, anime, figures, and plastic models to subculture items like idol goods.

Gaming PCs and Notebook PCs

In the specialist area of gaming PCs, we have a wide range of high spec PCs for hardcore gaming! Please come and try out the latest gaming PCs at our store.

Mac and iPhone

A wide range of items from the latest popular models to rare items, including Mac, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, genuine Apple accessories and more.

Figures and Games

A game specialist store with not just games, but also anime, CDs, figures, plastic models and more! Bandai Figures Specialist Corner on the 1st Floor

Used PCs and Used Digital Products

We have a full lineup of laptops, iPhone, digital cameras and more. We also offer Akihabara sightseers a convenient baggage storage service.

Idols and Events

Idol events are held every day on the 8th floor! Please come and try some real Japanese subculture!